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 Bronce (bronze) $10.00    Plata (silver) $25.00    Oro (gold) $50.00    Padrino (sponsor) $100.00

Business Membership

Plata (silver) $25.00    Oro (gold) $50.00    Padrino (sponsors) $100.00    Artifactor $150.00   Collector  $200.00

Other Ways to Donate:
Make an in-kind Gift
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Planned Giving
Host a Fundraiser
Join The Friends of the Latin Museum
In Memorial Gift or Gift in Honor of a Loved One

Please contact our Development Department to learn more about other ways to donate.

Thank you very much for joining our familia and supporting our mission.
Your membership will allow us to start providing educational programs,
develop community outreach events, collect art and artifacts
and pay the day to day administration costs. With your membership you will
also receive special invitations and discounts to events, attend classes
and receive email updates.

Your donation is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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