Latin American Art Museum
of Santa Barbara


We want to be more than just a museum, we want to be an educator, we want to open and responsive
 to the community and to serve the needs of the community, we want to be an effective institution
 in society. We want to be a community partner and community collaborator to enhance the quality of life.
 Our goal is to pursue a community engagement that revolves around collaborating and listening to our community. 
Our philosophy is not what can the community do for us, rather what we can do for the community.

Community Participation
Give a slide show of your travels through Latin America
Present your art collection and artifacts
Collect information from other museums that you visit and share with us
Teach cultural awareness 
Teach a art lesson
Request art supplies to complete art work 
Share your stories
Perform your talents
Read and present your book
Read a book
Poem Reading
Join a museum club

Share your recipe
Share your pictures
Organize a Special event
Plan a field trip
Hire local artist for museum special projects
Internship Opportunities for students
Traditions and art from your country and state of origin 

We want to hear from you. If you have an idea please
call Esteban at 805-636-8173 or email: